Bundles of Joy

Whether you’re in your third trimester or just a few months along, we have a package to suit you. Our Bundles are the perfect way to begin bonding with your precious Bundle of Joy. All of our Bundles are done in HD (High Definition) which is 20x clearer than the old 3D/4D Technology. For a small upgrade fee, you can also see your baby in HDLive, the most advanced imaging technology available.

We are the only provider in the region with this technology!


bundle 1

Bundle 1

Recommended 8-15 weeks


  • 15 min 2D HD ultrasound
  • 2 black and white photo prints
  • View and listen to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Free quick peek in 4D HDLive


bundle 2

Bundle 2

Recommended 15-36 weeks


  • 15 min 4D HD ultrasound
  • 3 black and white & 1 color photo prints
  • Free gender determination
  • View and listen to your baby’s heartbeat


bundle 3

Bundle 3

Recommended 15-36 weeks


  • 20 min 4D HD ultrasound session
  • 4 color photo prints
  • Digital delivery of all session images
  • Free gender determination
  • View and listen to your baby’s heartbeat


Upgrades and Extras

Heartbeat Plushie

An adorable stuffed keepsake featuring audio of your baby’s heartbeat.

Choose from an assortment of animal plushies.



The perfect gift for a mother-to-be!

Buy online and choose any denomination.

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Timeline of the Best Glimpses of Your Little Bundle.

Weeks 15–20

Best time to see your Baby’s entire body, but the face may not be visible.

Weeks 20–25

Capture the first images of your Baby’s facial features! This is also the optimal time to visualize fetal movement – i.e. your Baby moving his/her head, hands, arms & feet!

Weeks 25–30

Your Baby’s features are more defined and developed — plus you can see how much your Baby has grown!

Weeks 30–35

Although your Baby is nearly full-grown and is too big to be captured in 1 image, he or she can now be visualized in great detail. It’s like having a “close-up” session!

15-week 4D ultrasound

Gender Determination

20-week 4D ultrasound

Fetal Movement

30-week 4D ultrasound

Facial Features

30+ week 4D ultrasound

Getting Crowded in There

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