A Message from Our Owner

HD Ultrasound is a fantastic way to begin bonding with your child. Expecting mothers and fathers have a lot of excitement and anxiety about their new addition, and HD Ultrasound is the best way to introduce the family to the child. Being able to visualize your baby and see distinct features is always emotional and thrilling. The connection is almost instantaneous when a mother is able to lay her eyes on her soon-to-be newborn.

In this age of online medical databases and information overload, mothers have a lot to worry about. The mother’s healthcare provider can work with her on those concerns and diagnose issues, but HD Ultrasound allows the mother to peek into the womb and see her child.

HD ultrasound at the Bump Studio is the safest available. We went to great lengths to find the best machines with the best technology and employ certified and experienced technicians. Everything we do at The Bump Studio is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of mother and baby. We’ve created a space where you can relax and enjoy seeing your child for the first time.

We opened the Bump Studio because we have been there. We understand the power of HD ultrasound. When you can’t wait for the first glimpse of your new addition, and we want to bring the best images and imagery services to the families in our community. The Bump Studio is the best place to get the first portraits of your bundle of joy.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us. We are happy to explain what you can expect from your visit to The Bump Studio. If you have medical conditions or concerns, please discuss elective ultrasound with your medical provider prior to scheduling your appointment.

Lindsay Clark, Owner